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Homeowners Insurance in Port St. Lucie

Livings Insurance Saves Port St. Lucie Homeowners 37% or More!

Great Rates! Good Companies! We are excited to offer homeowners insurance in Port St. Lucie. We also provide auto, life, and flood insurance so check in with us to get estimates. For an idea of your possible rates in homeowner insurance for Port St. Lucie, see below:

Sample Home Insurance Quotes for Port St. Lucie

Dwelling Year Built
$249,000 2014 $476
$195,000 2007 $521
$250,000 1999 $1,424
$300,000 1996 $1,626

As an independent insurance agency, dozens of insurance companies can be offered to you without the hassle of getting the quotes yourself. Every policy comes with an agent; call us at 772-335-0204 for your quote today.

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